Wisdom of Crowds Analysis – Part 1

“Two heads are better than one.” – Unknown

One of the rising internet practices of today’s society involves the use of crowdsourcing, in other words asking a mass of people for their opinions on a certain task or developing product line. To me, this sounds like a great idea. By gathering together a large group of like-minded people, previously ambitious tasks of data collecting idea development can be made much more easily and quickly. These tasks can be completed in less time, and with an increased spread of resources (such as time) that do not severely inhibit too many people. Plus, with many crowdsourcing sites under strict moderation of individuals examining flukes in what the crowd says, I find it unlikely that there will be any serious cases of data tampering

In regards to my own experience with crowdsourcing, I have found myself using it on a few occasions in regards to product reviews at sites such as Amazon.com. When you attempt to purchase something on the internet that looks cool and interesting, how can you be sure it is going to work? That’s where people and crowdsourcing come into play. Recently I was looking for a new book light for reading in the dark, and decided to try using the internet to find one. Amazon displayed several interesting possibilities, but how could I be sure they would work? With the wisdom of crowds, and the reviews they leave behind, I was able to find a highly recommended book light. Will it work? I’ll find out when I get it. 🙂


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One response to “Wisdom of Crowds Analysis – Part 1

  1. Matthew Morgal

    Just for the record, the book light works wonderfully. Score one for the crowds!

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