Millennial Makeover Analysis – Part 1

A witty saying proves nothing.Voltaire

There is a huge difference between the ads posted on youtube by the official presidential candidate parties and those posted by users like you and me. For many ad-makers in the former group, it is not only their job, but essentially their life-duty to support whoever ends up as the democratic or republican candidate, regardless of their personal views on them (which may not be everything).The ads generated by presidential candidates are oftentimes not designed to showcase how what they believe in or what they will do in office, rather they are simply designed to get them into the office in the first place. These ads generally don’t give you any useful information, rather they use peacock terms and weasel words (to quote Wikipedia) to convince Americans that they are right, without actually saying anything useful at all.

While user-generated ads can often be just as bad and attack-based as those done by political candidates, they have something that the official ads lack, independence. The people that make their own ads on YouTube aren’t officially conscripted by a political party, they take time out of their busy lives to say what they think is right. Take this ad for example, made by a former Iraq veteran. Although he attacks Obama, he does it through a personal voice that you won’t see in the other type of ads. I may not agree with all the points that ads like his and others make, but at least I can believe that it was done without the influence of the fake ads done by the actual candidates.

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