Millennial Makeover Analysis – Part 2

I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires.” – Kahlil Gibran

Many of the arguments formulated in Millennial Makeover are built on generational theory, and the authors make many generalizations about the philosophy, preferences, and cultural touchstones of your generation.Do you agree with their ideas on your generation?If you gave your generation a name (like Baby Boomers or Generation X), what would it be and why?What cultural touchstones (TV shows, musicians, movies) do you feel are most useful in understanding your generation?

For the most part I agree with the ideas that the authors of Millennial Makeover construct about my generation. Society is getting further integrated with the tools of the online trade, and our generation is emphasizing this leap in technology. Getting good grades and increasing ones education beyond High School is becoming an increasingly popular trend. Although I’m not certain I agree with the overall trend that the millenials are becoming very upbeat and optimistic. I think that millenials are generally more positive than the generations before us, without sounding too radical. (we’re not hippies, dude.)

If I were to give our generation a name, it would probably have to be the dreamers. We have gotten many new leaps in technologies that have allowed global communication on a wider scale. As technology continues to get more powerful the dreams that we carry become more pronounced and deeper in tone. Sure previous generations have wished for world peace and a perfect environment, but we really seem to think that we have the capabilities to do great new things that have never been seen before. I’m not talking about a Jetsons world with flying cars, but an end to once traditional views that this is not only wrong, but impossible to correct.

As for the cultural milestones that help showcase our generation, I’d have to say television still holds the key. Talk shows and sitcoms, while occasionally crazy at times, do not tend to go as over the top as music and particularly movies.

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