Cult of the Amateur Analysis – Part 1

One of the things I’m fond of doing in my free time involves composing sprite comics. The process is very simple, as you take or create free-use sprite pictures and backgrounds and use them to create amusing (sometimes) comics and stories on whatever comes to mind. The comics I create are definitely not masterpieces, and my audience for them is pretty small, however I still love to create them. Although I don’t create them as often as I used to due to certain things like college (good sprite comics tend to involve a lot more than copying and pasting pictures), I do enjoy creating a random one on occasion.

I think it’s important to place a high value on work for love when compared to the work that puts bread on the table. Although some people may be fortunate enough to end up making a career entirely based on their own creative merits, many end up working on things that they either don’t care much about, or limit their ability to be creative. Working on something out of love gives you the power to be creative, and take risks that you may not normally try. I’ve found that oftentimes the rewards can be worth it.

I believe that the proportion of work and love is important to maintain. There are many tasks that people would likely never do out of ‘love’ but necessity, and these required tasks still need to be done regardless. I doubt I’ll be able to make a career out of sprite comics, and will have to do work that I probably wouldn’t otherwise do out of passion for the sport, but I’m sure I’ll be able to use my creativity in some aspects of my future jobs.

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