iSpy Analysis – Part 2

Surveillance plays a heavy part in the decisions I make in life, although I am not always constantly thinking about it. As I mentioned in my previous post I try to be careful in what I say or do, and I do employ a pseudonym on the internet which I use for most of my activities online. This is most commonly done through my computer, and indeed it is the one gadget that contains the most significant amount of surveillance.

Although I am not too concerned with what all of my friends are doing every moment of the day I do like to see what they are up to from time to time. On that end I usually check my Facebook account once a day (usually just once, unless I receive an E-Mail stating that someone has sent me a message or posted on my wall, purely for etiquette reasons, as I’ve come to determine that most everyone but me that uses Facebook uses it all the time and if you don’t respond to them ASAP they might consider it awkward) just to see if any significant developments are happening in one of my friends lives. I usually don’t respond unless I have good reason to, but I like to stay in the loop nonetheless.

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