Random Star Wars Poetry

“But from now on you can just think of me as any other non-Jedi in our little group…with a lightsaber…and force powers.”
-Jolee Bindo

I’m part of an organization at UMBC known as the Writer’s Guild. Meeting every Monday night in a small inconspicuous corner of UMBC, write and share short stories, poetry, really any form of writing.  Sometimes…okay usually the writing can get strange, often in a hilarious way.

The process is simple: We come up with a short prompt idea, and then write for ten minutes or so. This is a piece I wrote for a Star Wars poetry prompt we did a few weeks back. It’s not particularly poetic, but I like it nonetheless. I’ll add some more pieces later.

Red Five

This is Red Five, I’m going in.
I’ve got the force on my side, so I’m full of win.
I may have shut off my targeting device,
But I don’t need that vice.
The force will help me see,
That’s what Obi-Wan taught me.
Sure the situations growing hairy,
Cause Darth Vaders kinda scary.
Yet there’s no need to worry,
I have a happy ending to this story.
Now Vader has me in his sight,
Ready to rain down his might.
He was like “The force is strong with this one.”
It made sense; after all, I was his son.
All hope seemed lost,
I had my fingers crossed.
Then Harrison Ford came down,
And took Vader to town.
So I let my missiles fly,
And blew the death star sky-high.


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