Five Guys Restaurant Deserves its Boasts

Upon first examining the interior of Five Guys Burgers and Fries (commonly referred to as Five Guys), you will quickly see a number of awards and acknowledgements wallpapering the white and red interior tones. A first-time customer might well consider Five Guys to be one of the most arrogant restaurants in existence with newspaper articles and award titles abound displaying such merits as “Burger of the Year” and “Juiciest Burger Ever!” After trying one of their burgers, you will likely agree.

The menu for Five Guys is deceptively simple. The main feature of a burger, fries and drink (Coca Cola® products) are supported by hot dogs and, for the vegetarians, grilled cheese and veggie sandwiches. Yet, despite the menu’s simplicity, first-time customers will require a few minutes to plan out their selection. That is because of the wide variety of toppings available to complement your juicy burger. Although cheese and bacon cost extra, the rest of the 12 traditional burger toppings and 3 sauces including favorites like lettuce, pickles, and A1 Sauce are free, and the chefs will generously load them onto your medium-cooked burger. With no limit to the number and variety of toppings you can select, even the pickiest of foodies receive a burger that meets their exact specifications. Although it takes several minutes for your burger to be ready, perfection cannot be rushed. Hamburgers are made fresh on the grill after you place your order, and complimentary peanuts and free drink refills are available while you wait.

A word of caution when placing your order: Five Guys believes in the phrase “bigger is better.” Their ‘little burger’ is actually a tasty robust burger with a patty bigger than your standard fast food fare. With the ‘regular burger’ consisting of a double burger with two patties, be sure to bring your appetite with you. This philosophy also applies to their fries. They come in two sizes, regular and large, or to be more precise, extra large and ludicrous respectively. As a point of reference, the drinking cup that the crisp fries come in will be overflowing in the brown bag containing your meal. It is not unusual to, after taking out and eating the fries in the cup, refill the cup back to full with the fries still remaining in the bag, and refill it again halfway. And this is the “regular” order of fries. A small-sized fry option would be convenient, as the “regular” portion alone comfortably feeds two people.

Five Guys is not a clean and proper dining experience. The burgers are big and messy; keep napkins on hand if you add sauce to your burger, for the cooks do not hesitate to pour it on. These burgers and fries are for diners who are not afraid to get their hands greasy.

With an order of a regular burger, fries and drink totaling $10 and pocket change, the price is a bit higher than the average fast food meal. However, if you like your burgers big and bold then grab your appetite and drop in. After enjoying the “burger of the year” you will never look at a $1 value burger the same way again.


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