Brookstone iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

Technology gurus suggest that tablets like the iPad2 will eventually replace laptops in the ever-shrinking world of portable computing. While the iPad2’s precise touch screen may antiquate the bulky laptop for casual computing, touch screen keyboards are not designed for long periods of typing. The Brookstone iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case not only solves the physical keyboard problem, it pulls double duty as a protective hard leather cover.

Simplicity is the key component; just slide your iPad2 into the book-like case, insert the latch to keep your tablet locked in place, and unfold the keyboard onto any surface – the device works equally well on a desk or lap. Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need for physical connection; just follow the easy one-time installation procedure and you will quickly be typing like a laptop. With 40 hours of battery life on a single charge, you’ll soon forget the touch screen keyboard ever existed.

Although the keyboard features all standard laptop keys, squeezing the keyboard into the compact case results in a noticeably smaller typing surface. Although the keys function perfectly, their small shape may cause problems for large, non-dexterous hands.

At $99 the keyboard case includes both the quality manufacturing and hefty price tag common with Brookstone gadgets. However, if you are serious about using the iPad2 for typing, the keyboard case, combined with a writing app, will keep your laptop gathering dust when it comes to casual computing and note taking. Rest in peace, laptop.


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