Level 99 Writing

When I am not engaging in technical writing or working on websites, I like to take some time to focus on creative pursuits. Though unlike the hordes of aspiring book authors out there I have no interest in writing the next bestseller. My creative pursuits involve creating fun adventures for my Dungeons & Dragons group. Yes, I am a fantasy nerd and I am proud of it. 🙂

Anyway, I recently received an email containing an amusing comic from Dueling Analogs. The comic described the difference between a level 1 character firing a gun, and a level 99 character firing a gun. The level 1 character could barely make a dent in his soda can target. Meanwhile the level 99 character…well let’s just say there was not much left within a 5 yard radius.

That got me thinking about some parallels between adventuring and writing. Writing is actually a lot like adventuring and leveling up.  Face the harsh reality – newbie writers make a lot of mistakes. Regardless of the “class” of writing you pursue (technical writing,  creative nonfiction, fanfiction, etc.) your prose will be rough around the edges. Yet just like gaining experience points and leveling up in an RPG, the more you write the better you get. Those silly syntax errors gradually begin disappearing, your voice becomes more energetic, and your writing evolves into a new Pokemon higher quality material. Taking damage and harsh criticism along the way is inevitable, but these roadblocks are all part of the adventuring and writing experience.

With enough experience, your writing will grow from a mess of unimpressive “to-be verbs” into a literary shockwave that will knock the socks off your readers.

Stay dedicated to your class of writing, and eventually you will be a level 99 writer like  F. Scott Fitzgerald or Ray Bradbury.


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