Follow the Leader (iOS 7 Initial Thoughts)

Whenever a company develops the next greatest idea, it becomes the goal of every related company to tweak that idea for their own game. Mozilla/Firefox started the trend of tabbed browsing for every other web browser to follow. Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg likes Twitter so Facebook eventually changed to be more like Twitter. And so on.

iOS7: Now with shiny new colors!

iOS7: Now with shiny new colors!

I mentioned before in my initial thoughts on Windows 8 that, much to my annoyance, their user interface became an odd hybrid of Apple’s App store and the old Windows 3.0 Program Manager. My initial impression upon making the leap to iOS 7 was that Apple returned the favor to Windows by essentially adopting their color scheme. The earthy tones of previous iOS’ have been replaced by the same bright colorful icons you’ll find on Windows 8 or a Windows phone.

The camera app received a major upgrade as well. A new “square” picture option and additional filters appear tailor made for Instagram lovers. I still can’t get great photo-quality on my iPad, yet my trusty iPhone continues taking crisp pictures under the new iOS order. My other apps appear to be working ok so far; however, be prepared to download a lot of new app updates after the transition. Apple is seriously pushing developers to make their apps iOS 7 compliant.

I could go on about the many new features, including a convenient control panel and smooth transitions between unlocking the phone and app transitions. Yet it feels strange saying that Apple is the one doing the following with this major new upgrade. Usually Apple is the one doing the innovating. Yet for all of the major changes in iOS 7 my initial impression leaves me with nothing that sets the new innovation bar for everyone else to follow. There’s still a lot of ground for the shiny new system to cover though, so time will tell if that changes.


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