Goodreads Quick Review: Making Money

Making Money
Making Money by Terry Pratchett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Throughout the middle of the story, protagonist Moist Von Lipwig constantly remarks “I don’t want to deal with (X Problem); I want to go back to making money!” Moist himself appears to lament the issue of too many subplots overtaking the main story. Yet the problem is a catch-22, for if Moist were allowed to simply focus on his original goal, to make money using his paper currency gambit, the entire narration would be all too similar to his previous adventure in Going Postal. Add to the troubles an overly bombastic villain whose personality dooms him from the beginning, and it is all too easy to see why Corporal Nobbs cannot get a bet against Moist winning.

Speaking of the City Watch, Pratchett has all but yielded to the fact that he simply cannot keep the City Watch out of any Anhk-Morpork-based story. Although their presence is significantly higher as the crimes get more noticeable, the Watch once again manages to avoid stealing the spotlight. Pratchet deserves credit for subtly introducing the mannerisms of his Watch characters to new readers in such a way that veterans avoid growing bored at the umpteenth re-introduction.

Just as Vimes proved himself to Vetinari way back in Guards! Guards!, so did Moist prove himself back in Going Postal. As another favorite chess piece of Vetinari, the outcome is inevitable. As is the case in similar Discworld books, the journey, not the destination provides the hilarious fun and thrills. So where can Moist go from here? Who knows? Maybe one day he will be tasked with running the entire city. A very possible outcome, if something happens to Vetinari and Carrot declines his birthright.

Vetinari remarks at the climax of the book that killing Moist would solve all of his immediate problems. Fortunately for Moist, the magnificent mastermind Vetinari always thinks ahead and knows how to milk a person for all he’s worth. Fortunate as well for the reader, as this means another Moist adventure will be waiting in the wings.

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2 responses to “Goodreads Quick Review: Making Money

  1. Moist is a favorite character of mine, along with Susan and the Librarian.

  2. Matthew Morgal

    Moist is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters as well, along with Vimes. I haven’t gotten to the Susan/Death books yet, but I might try to get a few in next before Raising Steam comes out.

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