Goodreads Quick Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this tribute to all things 80’s, Wade, an everyday soon to graduate high school geek living in a dystopian world (albeit somewhat light for a dystopian setting), plunges into a virtual reality MMORPG that is literally the single most popular thing on the planet. Aided on and off by a small group of online users he doesn’t truly know (or know to trust), he fights an evil corporation and attempts to solve a reality bending puzzle devised by the game’s dead creator, who was a bit…eccentric. Oh and naturally enough power to alter the world lies in the balance.

Yes, this is a review of Ready Player One, not Dot Hack. Unlike Dot Hack, the plot here makes sense.

As is typical for dystopian fiction, an inordinate amount of time is spent establishing just how terrible the world has become. The book starts off slow and sluggish, perhaps intentionally slow given the overall theme. Stick with it though, as once Wade navigates a replica of the classic Dungeons & Dragons Tomb of Horror’s module and duels the demilich within to the classic arcade game Joust (complete with original game cabinet) the book zooms right along and rarely loses momentum.

No seriously, that actually happens, and that’s only about a quarter of the way into the book (pun intended). Insert more quarters to continue, for the plot only gets crazier from there. I don’t want to say much more due to spoilers but I will give praise to one of the more creative uses of giant monster fights. Pacific Rim was child’s play compared to what happens later on.

One more coin pun: the last quarter of the book is very well done. You’ll have a hard time putting it down at the final stretch.

Don’t worry niner kids and beyond, most of the constant 80’s references are immediately explained. Given their importance to the plot and the sharp writing, these references never get distracting, and there are plenty of unexplained 80’s easter eggs for the keen reader to spot.

You can judge a good book based on how seamlessly you can picture the world you dive into. Get lost in the Oasis, you won’t be disappointed. As for me? I’ll be truly disappointed if there is no sequel.

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2 responses to “Goodreads Quick Review: Ready Player One

  1. littlehobbit13

    Good review. I feel like I did hear whispers of a sequel at some point.

  2. Matthew Morgal

    Thanks, that is good to hear.

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