Goodreads Quick Review: Mass Effect: Ascension

Mass Effect: Ascension
Mass Effect: Ascension by Drew Karpyshyn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Whereas Mass Effect: Revelation established itself as an effective prequel to the video game trilogy, the second entry into the series falls squarely into side-story territory. Although Mass Effect: Ascension provides an effective introduction to the Illusive Man and the Quarian’s Migrant Fleet, both playing major rules in Mass Effect 2 and 3, no big steps are made to advance the plot of the games. A sensible decision, considering the myriad choices that can influence and shape each run through the games. Establishing the smallest ripple of canon through these choices would create a tidal-wave of fan outcry over say, the fate of the council after the Citadel invasion. Even the name of Shepard is avoided, perhaps to avoid accidentally assigning the hero a canon gender or any physical details.

With many potential story branches to avoid tripping over, the novel wisely continues the story of a 1st novel-exclusive character Kahlee Sanders (Anderson at this point is too ingrained in the games to be usable in a novel). This time around, Kahlee is putting her alliance background towards training purposes, as she helps an autistic biotic girl who, go figure, happens to be Cerberus’ little biotic pet project. Naturally Kahlee doesn’t want this sweet innocent girl to become a pawn of an evil human supremacy group, and what follows is a pretty standard run away from bad guys adventure.

While the first novel had the benefit of opening readers to the wonderful universe of Mass Effect, by this point the reader is virtually required to be a Mass Effect fan, as major plot points from the first game are briefly mentioned in passing with little context. Yet this provides one of the more endearing benefits of the novel. Great detail is taken to avoid inconsistencies with the rest of the Mass Effect universe, and the attention to even the smallest of species notes makes it clear that the Mass Effect creators played an active role in the development of the story.

Although Mass Effect: Ascension will only appeal to bibliophilic Mass Effect fans, they will be rewarded with a decently written science fiction adventure which earns its spot in the franchise.

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