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I used to consider taking the leap into This article effectively sums up why I didn’t. Sometimes the simplest solution is best.

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wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbI recently moved my personal blog from a site to a site and thought I’d share the experience in case anyone else was considering a similar move.

WordPress is a blogging software that comes in two flavors. offers free software that you download and install on a server (most people rent server space from a hosting company). offers a hosted version of the software, a basic site is also free, but there are premium options that provide personalization (like using your own domain name) and customization (number of columns, header size, colors etc). A site is a good idea for someone who wants complete control of every aspect of their website or blog. A provides allows more of a point and click interface. The trade off is that you have limited options on, still for most end users will meet their needs.

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