Goodreads Quick Review: Raising Steam

Raising Steam (Discworld, #40, Moist von Lipwig #3 )Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although technically a Moist Von Lipwig novel, this read more like a “farewell to Discworld” novel. With the arrival of the steam engine, a lot of page space is dedicated to Discworld characters discussing, riding, or fighting atop the locomotive…in some cases all three at once.

The plot is relatively tame, and constantly interrupted with irrelevant cameo scenes from Discworld characters across its storied history making one final appearance. The central conflict is mostly subdued and then quickly dispatched with some hit you over the head moral lessons about fantastic racism along the way.

While this is a good novel, it is not much of a Moist novel, which I find disappointing because I love Moist. Still, as the final “complete” Discworld novel it does provide a nice ending to Ankh-Morpork and its crazy cast.

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