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Medical Device Online Marketing: Part 1

The nice thing about the Professional Writing degree I’ve been pursuing  at Towson University (and finishing, graduation in three weeks, yay!) is the freedom to chose my own topic for many of the projects and papers I’ve written. To fully take advantage of these open-ended opportunities I’ve worked on answering questions and solving problems that have plagued me in the professional world. For one of my last papers, I am examining a problem that has been bugging me since I’ve started working at Medical Device Depot – enhancing online marketing capabilities for the niche field of medical device sales.

Selling an EKG machine or a blood pressure gauge is obviously not as simple as marketing a t-shirt, food, or something that most people in the world have a need for. Initial thoughts into the topic may bring up the question – is there really a market for medical devices? Considering the success of the company I work for, I can definitely say yes to that. The problem becomes reaching out to the target audience, of which a significant portion are older people who think iPads and laptops are scary monstrosities.

Although doctor’s are more inclined to stick to traditional non-online methods than other interested customers, the ever-widening generational gap for healthcare workers brings more people online. Medical devices are no longer becoming stand-alone, as an increasing number of machines are utilizing laptops and PC’s to enhance the potential and capability of medical devices. EKG’s can be viewed and printed on bigger laptop screens, data can be transmitted wirelessly through the internet. The list goes on. Although a significant portion of doctor’s may prefer to keep their practice as technology-free as possible, the younger generation is rising up and embracing the courtship of medical device and computer/internet technologies.

With laptops, bluetooth and wi-fi gaining an increasing presence in the healthcare industry, it makes sense that medical device stores can tap into this field to market goods. Shopping sites like Nextag and Amazon are starting to realize this as well, with more and more webstores offering categories for medical devices. When also considering that the target audience for medical devices extends far beyond doctors (physical therapy clinics and dentists just to crack the surface) there are many people out there searching for new devices.

The question therefore becomes: how do you reach these people? The same way you reach out to people looking for non-esoteric goods. Well, sort of. I’ll elaborate further in a later post.

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