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Social Media Motivation

Looking back at my Facebook and Twitter posts, I now realize just how infrequently I update my status…and how frequently I have updates posting from outside sources. Most of my posts consist of various announcements and updates telling the world what I am up to in a variety of non online facets. The expresso bike tells my friends I can bike a four minute mile. Goodreads tells my friends just how much I love the novel “Cloud Atlas.”

…and the list goes on. The ability to post updates on Facebook or Twitter on my accomplishments greatly motivates me to do…well everything. Not necessarily to brag (although I am accumulating quite a few accomplishments in Skyrim, heheh), rather I like the challenge of constantly finding new and relevant posts to show my friends. Starting up a new discussion on my latest reading or how I managed to beat a tough level with friends is a nice side benefit as well.

I admit that social media motivates me to go the extra mile in the things that I love. Things that actually hold meaning, unlike those silly Facebook games. Seeing a cool article someone read on the Washington Post is great. Seeing a request to help tend a friend’s virtual farm? Not so great.

This is what my Facebook timeline turned into – reviews of my favorite books.

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