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Social Media Motivation

Looking back at my Facebook and Twitter posts, I now realize just how infrequently I update my status…and how frequently I have updates posting from outside sources. Most of my posts consist of various announcements and updates telling the world what I am up to in a variety of non online facets. The expresso bike tells my friends I can bike a four minute mile. Goodreads tells my friends just how much I love the novel “Cloud Atlas.”

…and the list goes on. The ability to post updates on Facebook or Twitter on my accomplishments greatly motivates me to do…well everything. Not necessarily to brag (although I am accumulating quite a few accomplishments in Skyrim, heheh), rather I like the challenge of constantly finding new and relevant posts to show my friends. Starting up a new discussion on my latest reading or how I managed to beat a tough level with friends is a nice side benefit as well.

I admit that social media motivates me to go the extra mile in the things that I love. Things that actually hold meaning, unlike those silly Facebook games. Seeing a cool article someone read on the Washington Post is great. Seeing a request to help tend a friend’s virtual farm? Not so great.

This is what my Facebook timeline turned into – reviews of my favorite books.

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The Perils of Public Facebook

Now that I’m done graduate school I can turn my writing efforts towards topics that don’t involve dead writers. Of course there is nothing wrong with dead writers, in fact I love them! For now, I’m directing this Monday evening post towards a blog post I noticed on the excellent Austalian blog Wine Women and Wordplay, who in turn reblogged it from the equally amazingĀ blog of Kristen Lamb.

The chain of sharing – that’s what social media is all about, right? šŸ™‚

Anyway, Facebook recently changed the way fan pages reach out to people on their news feed. Now, fan page owners will only reach out to a certain number of fan’s news feeds. Want to hit all of your fan’s news feeds? Well you’ll have to fork over hundreds of dollars to Facebook…per post. And these are for the poor smaller fan pages that don’t have millions of fans.

“But Matthew, fans can still go to a fan page to see all of the updates right?” Well yes, but let’s be honest…who actually does that? Everyday you login to Facebook it is inevitable that at least one of your friends have found some new fan page to like. Whether it be Jimi Hendrix or Subway, everyone is becoming a fan of something. Considering the rates in which our news feeds constantly feed us the latest and greatest insights into our friends’ personal lives, most of us don’t have time to go poking through all five-thousand things we’ve decided to become fans of. Clearly Facebook realized this, and now that they’ve gone public they are hitting the little guys were it hurts – the pocketbook.

Amusingly enough, some fan pages have decided to lampshade this unfortunate inability to connect to everyone. As theĀ local fitness centerĀ I visitĀ posted this morning: “Happy Monday! Too bad only 100 ish of our fans will reach this because of facebook wanting to charge to status now lol” Fortunately I was one of those lucky 100.

So why is Facebook doing this? Well now that the social networking site has gone public it now has shareholders. Facebook needs to appease their new shareholder friends, and the best way to do that is to find ways to make more money. If enough people complain and fight back against this change Facebook may change their mind. Unfortunately they only seem to be keen on doing that if there is a major privacy risk involved…for now.

As an aside, if you enjoy writing in the digital era, I highly recommend following Kristen Lamb’s blog. Her WANA (We Are Not Alone) project is a great example of how social media can be used for the powers of good.


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