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Business Writing for a Political Audience

Great post. If you take on enough contract jobs or work for a big company, politics will likely enter the picture on some level. Writers need to be aware of how to handle their audience when you have elections and government shutdowns impacting society.

Heroic Technical Writing: Advice and Insights on the Business of Technical Communication

Honestly, I’m not here to share my political views. If you read between the lines on some of my posts, you can probably figure it out, but I’m really not interested in starting an argument. The point of this post is to help those of you who find yourself writing a letter to an elected official on behalf of your employer.

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Millennial Makeover Analysis – Part 1

A witty saying proves nothing.Voltaire

There is a huge difference between the ads posted on youtube by the official presidential candidate parties and those posted by users like you and me. For many ad-makers in the former group, it is not only their job, but essentially their life-duty to support whoever ends up as the democratic or republican candidate, regardless of their personal views on them (which may not be everything).The ads generated by presidential candidates are oftentimes not designed to showcase how what they believe in or what they will do in office, rather they are simply designed to get them into the office in the first place. These ads generally don’t give you any useful information, rather they use peacock terms and weasel words (to quote Wikipedia) to convince Americans that they are right, without actually saying anything useful at all.

While user-generated ads can often be just as bad and attack-based as those done by political candidates, they have something that the official ads lack, independence. The people that make their own ads on YouTube aren’t officially conscripted by a political party, they take time out of their busy lives to say what they think is right. Take this ad for example, made by a former Iraq veteran. Although he attacks Obama, he does it through a personal voice that you won’t see in the other type of ads. I may not agree with all the points that ads like his and others make, but at least I can believe that it was done without the influence of the fake ads done by the actual candidates.

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BipolarNation – Why can’t we all get along?

The blog I will be covering this semester is BipolarNation, a media blog created by Dan Kenitz. The blog’s mission statement is partly the reason why I decided to cover it. The goal of this blog involves bringing EVERYONE together, regardless of things like political stance, culture, beliefs, and so on, to discuss various events. Although the site does not appear to garner as much traffic or hold as much involvement as some major blogs (perhaps due to the forum aspect described below), it offers an interesting attempt to look at issues from multiple viewpoints, including those on a political level. The actual structure is very simple. The author of the blog (usually Dan Kenitz or Aaron Robertson) constructs a post describing and occasionally taking sides on a current issues. After presenting some background information mixed in with the author’s individual thoughts, a link is provided to a designated forum topic where the post can be discussed or commented on in greater detail by visitors. In this way the traiditional method of leaving a comment is not used. I presume that the forum method is used to force less anonymity and allow greater flexibility in any needed moderation, due to the encouragement of responses from a wide variety of people. The issues discussed tend to concern mostly serious issued concerning the United States population. Given that the primaries are an important (and popular) topic many recent posts have been examining candidates and big issues surrounding the primaries such as health care and the economy.

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